The name that almost
spells what over 50 years
spells perfectly.

In a difficult economy, choosing a construction partner can raise difficult questions. Do they have experience in our sector? Are they up to speed on the latest construction techniques and industry-specific certifications? Could they go out of business before the project is finished?

At Stahle, we know that – whether the question comes from the drawing board or the chairman of the board – you have to answer for the construction partner you choose.

As contractor of choice for some of the best-known businesses in the world, we stand tall because we stand by the people who put their trust in our experience. It’s a mandate not so much defined by accountability as it is by partnership. You own the building. But from the moment the pencil touches paper to the moment the scissors touch the ribbon, we own – and answer for – the process.

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A proven track-record, an exemplary client list, and a comprehensive range of services delivered from a single point of accountability; it’s all covered by the name that’s just one letter from spelling the same thing over 50 years in business spells…



Deep Roots. Wide Stance. Common Ground.

In 1960, Wayne Stahle General Contractors Ltd. started out the way most business do: small, earnest and excited about the future. Like most new ventures, there was also excitement about doing things a little differently.

When John Preston joined Stahle in 1971, he had a notion that went something like, “We’ve already earned the trust of the clients we’ve built for. Rather than chasing new customers for new builds, why don’t we invest in meeting the retrofitting and renovation needs of the customers we already have.” In 1974, the Small Contracts Division was born.

Since then, Stahle has continued to broaden and diversify its service offering to some of the most recognized names in business. And, in much the same way an investment portfolio perseveres and grows even through periods of economic volatility, Stahle has benefited from a business model that prioritizes diversity in order to enhance quality, stability – and longevity.

For 50 years, Stahle has approached construction in a way that mirrors the way our client’s approach their businesses. It only makes sense, because for the duration of a project, we are their business.

And after all, there’s no better place to build something that lasts – than on common ground.

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