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Stability isn’t just about a deep history. It’s also about a wide stance. Servicing Canada from coast to coast, Stahle’s stance covers about 7800 km. And it’s wide in other ways too.

Understanding that both project management efficiencies and accountability processes are economized by a one-stop-shop approach, Stahle also offers a wide – you might say comprehensive – range of services.

The result is integrated information sharing, reporting and economies-of-scale that empowers us to remain apprised of industry trends, regulations and advances and offers you transparency, accountability and best-in-class results.


Stability is a start. But being solid and reliable doesn’t mean you can’t be creative! For over 30 years, Stahle has been there for its clients with the muse as well as the muscle.

Whether we’re employing traditional construction, custom pre-fabricated building systems or advanced clean-room installations, our design-build approach is all about client synergy. You are engaged and included in the entire process. After all, the finished product is going to be your masterpiece.

  • Employing only the most advanced building technologies, techniques and products
  • Providing expertise in designing, renovating and retrofitting existing businesses
  • Deploying and managing resources in a manner that optimizes our productivity while minimizing interference and intrusion into the daily operations of your business
General Contracting & Consulting Services

From a rock-solid foundation of knowledge and experience we have built the long-standing connections, contacts and relationships that enable proactive assessment and incorporation of up-to-the-minute developments around regulations, best practices, building techniques, emerging technologies, business and reporting processes, insurance and liability requirements, sustainability innovations and more.

We haven’t just built a half-century of experience and a business philosophy that attracts the industry’s best talent; we have built a vantage point from which to know everything that’s going on in the industry – and will be going on tomorrow.

  • Developing plans and budgets to support long-term business objectives
  • Assisting in appraisal of real estate and assessment of building potential
  • Expediting permits and approvals
  • Managing sub-trade tender process
  • Conducting consultation and feasibility studies
  • Advising on health and safety issues and requirements
  • Decommissioning of buildings
Project & Construction Management

With no extra in-house expenses and no long-term carrying costs, we are an ideal solution for operations looking to outsource their construction projects. And we do it all with the Stahle emphasis on relationships.

We like our clients to think of us as being in an office across the hall. It’s not just about accessibility and accountability. It’s also about knowing everything you need to know (even when you might think you don’t need to know it). We understand that some clients may not have done this before.

Using proven methods for planning, budgeting, and scheduling, our approach strives to achieve the best final result. And by coordinating and optimizing the performance of everyone on the team (consultant, architect, engineer, tradesperson, supplier…) we also ensure the best possible client experience before – and after – the ribbon-cutting ceremony.


Stability is another way of saying sure-footed; and this is good, because in our industry, safety is everything.

A committed member of safety groups and across Canada, Stahle is the recipient of an OGCA safety achievement award for maintaining zero lost-time injuries: 51,376 derived hours worked in 2011 and a total of 315,343 derived hours worked for the period of 2005-2011.

Whether we’re building or renovating for you, or you have engaged us as health and safety consultants, we understand that construction safety is about more than liability and reputation management. It’s about the lives of real people and their families.

Service Division

Stable, strong relationships begin with an understanding that everyone is in it for the long haul.

Though we started back in the 60s as a general contractor, Stahle built its stability around the notion that we wanted to continue working with the clients we initially built for. In this regard, we aren’t just in the building business. We are in the relationship building business. As we are so fond of saying – legendary Stahle stability is the result, in large part, of being built on common ground.

So, even after the honeymoon (or ribbon-cutting ceremony) is over, we will be there for you.

  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Renovation
  • Retrofit
  • Retooling
  • Repair

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